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Teen Workshops: Partially funded through a grant from Quail Valley Charities, our workshops are free, interactive writing programs offered throughout the school year and are open to teens and home-schooled students in grades 9 to 12. Annual workshops include Writing the College Essay, the Cambridge University American Stage Tour’s presentations on understanding Shakespeare, and Spoken Word Poetry. Additionally, we have offered various workshops on Editing, Blogging, Computer Coding, and Screenwriting. Each of these dynamic workshops, taught by either university faculty or published writers, gives students opportunities to not only explore but also obtain valuable feedback on their creative writing. Learn more>>

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TeenInk is a national teen magazine, book series, and website devoted entirely to teenage writing, art, photos, and forums. Created as a way to help local teens grow their creative skills in 1989, Teen Ink has developed into a globally impactful resource for teens to publish their writings and artistic expressions. Teen Ink strives to provide a safe, bully-free, and educational forum for young hearts and minds to evolve their skills, emotions, and impact on society by presenting opportunities and resources for teen growth in all aspects of life.

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Florida Writers Association: FWA provides writing guidance and educational activities, as well as access to FWA’s network of teachers, writers, poets, editors, publishers, and agents.

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NewPages Young Authors Guide: Where young writers can find print and online literary magazines to read, places to publish their own works, and legitimate contests.

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Campus Resources for Networking: Timelines, tools, and tips for making valuable contacts in college. According to an annual survey by Right Management, well over 40 percent of jobs are landed through good networking. This guide focuses on not just the importance of networking, but offers actionable ways to build a wide circle of contacts, places to begin the networking journey and how to make good use of those contacts when the time comes.

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