Featured Poets

We are pleased to share readings of poetry by poets who have previously read at Laura (Riding) Jackson Foundation events.

These poets have shared their time and energy while social distancing so that we can enjoy their words and voices once again. For more information about each poet, please visit the links below their videos. We'll be adding new poets as we receive their recordings!!

Carol Frost reads "City by the Sea"

Find out more about Carol Frost and order her new book Alias City here

Sidney Wade reads "Birding at the Dairy"

Find out more about Sidney Wade here

Susan Lilley reads "Why I Sing in Black and White"

Find out more about Susan Lilley and her latest book Venus in Retrograde here

Claude Wilkinson reads "Montego Bay"

Find out more about Claude Wilkinson and his latest book World Without End here

Campbell McGrath reads "The Zebra Longwing"

Find out more about Campbell McGrath here

Ken Hart reads "Winter"

Find out more about Ken Hart here and here

Carol Lynne Knight reads "Girlfriends Go to the Beach"

Find out more about Carol Lynne Knight here

Jennifer Horne reads "Habitation" from her book The Bottle Tree

Find out more about Jennifer Horne here And pick up her new book Borrowed Light// from Mule on a Ferris Wheel Press

Donald Morrill reads "Last Year's Leaf"

Find out more about Donald Morrill here:

Naomi Shihab Nye reads "One"

Find out more about Naomi Shihab Nye here:

Peggy Ann Tartt reads "Broken" from Cutthroat: a Journal of the Arts

Find out more about Peggy Ann Tartt here:

Laurel Blossom reads "Lady Guinifever" from her new book Un-

Find out more about Laurel Blossom here:

Alice Friman reads "Snow" with an introduction read by Sean Sexton

Find out more about Alice Friman here:

Andy Hedges Reads "The Bronco" by Captain Jack Crawford from Eagles Nest, New Mexico

Find out more about Andy Hedges here:

Rick Campbell, a Poetry and BBQ alum from 2013, Reads "Buffalo" from his book Dixmont

Find out more about Rick Campbell here:
https://madvillepublishing.com/ and on Facebook under "Rick Campbell An aspiring writer who lives on Alligator Point"

Sean Sexton sends greetings and reads "Voices" from his forthcoming book Auguries as our first Featured Poet

Find out more about Sean Sexton here: